never give up

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never give up

Postby cruzman » Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:02 am

hi my name is R.C. i am a 100% disabled navy vet with P.T.S.D./ T.B.I. and my spelling is bad from tbi so forgive.
i have had c-diff three times from 2009 the first was the worst after a year i got a poss c-diff test back after beging the dr to do one.
i am the one who figured out what was happing to me, take charge of your own health is my moto.
first time it came back after fal. vanco. and vanco pulse i got rid of it by fmt in my home/ donor was my dad/.
2nd time in 2011 i took my service dog in a nurseing home, not taking antiiotic at all yes a poss test for c-diff i took vanco for 14 days waited 48 hours and did the fmt at home it worked again.
3rd time from antibiotic 90 days ago it raised its ugly symptons 1 week and 1/2 ago ,did the fmt last tue. donor was 80 year old mom who is smart as a wipp/ what a turn around a week makes!!!!!!
(note allways ask you dr before doing fmt at home donor need to be healthy and cleared for any hiv hep c and many other things.)
Thanks to all glad i found this sight!!!!!!
60 year old male
100% service connect navy vet. my name is R. C.

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