my time with c-diff

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my time with c-diff

Postby clydascope » Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:55 pm

Rough Timeline of My C-Diff Experience

March 2009
Second Hip Resurfacing surgery
Symptoms of c-diff infection began within 2 weeks of surgery
No diagnosis, no treatment, assumed it was related to medications

The remainder of 2009- early 2014
Regular bouts of c-diff symptoms lasting a few days to a few weeks
No insurance, no diagnosis, no treatment

January-March 2014
Major flare up of c-diff symptoms
Passing bloody stools
A new smell appeared
Massive weight loss

Late March-May 2014
First diagnosis of c-diff
Prescribed flagyl, then vancomycin, probiotics and dietary restrictions
Retest for c-diff came back negative, symptoms continued unabated

May 28, 2014
Met Dr. Hong Goa on advice from a colleague whose wife had c-diff

July 8, 2014
Colonoscopy to rule out other possible issues
Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) scheduled
Positive test results for c-diff again

August 11, 2014
FMT performed via gastric feeding tube – top down delivery
Positive result that day
Incredible results in the two weeks that followed – miraculous

Early September 2014
Relapse of c-diff symptoms
Back on flagyl plus cholestyramine and probiotics
Retest for c-diff came back negative, symptoms continued unabated
CT Scan

October 15, 2014
Second FMT, this time via colonoscopy – bottom up delivery
Slower results than first FMT

Late October – mid December
Continued improvement, no bad days but occasional concerns
Rebuilding my strength and endurance
Feeling alive again

For the full story check out this link:

The written parts are fairly tame but the videos are full of cussing, suffering and pain.

Be warned, it’s not pretty.

Thanks for everyone who has shared their experiences and knowledge - this site is phenomenal!

Edit: March 13, 2016

The password for my blog page is: c-diff

It really amazed me how well the fecal transplants worked, would not hesitate to do it again if needed.

Since my second transplant I have been feeling much better but still suffer from diverticulitis and ibs.

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