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Postby phir91 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:51 am

Just thought I would write an update... hope I am writing in the write place! 29 year old female - clinical psychologist and this has caused me a lot of anxiety!

I got cdiff earlier in March after several rounds of antibiotics following minor surgery. I did a round of flagyl and it came back after 3 days and then I did a 14 day round of vanco!

It’s been 8 weeks today since my last antibiotic! I am feeling really good in myself. From about week 4 to week 7 I had one mushy Bowel movement/WD every morning (just one Bowel movement a day) and it seems to have formed up in the last week. I just wanted to let others know... I have had so many ups and downs so far thinking I’m relapsing... but I think 8 weeks is a good milestone!

Hopefully the progress continues.. I just wanted to share on my 8 week anniversary, I mean who else could I share with? I know I’m not out the woods yet but fingers crossed getting there!

Things I have used to aid the progress so far: Manuka honey, cutting out dairy, probiotics and kefir... also worry management!

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Re: Update

Postby roy » Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:49 pm

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