Pregnant, sinus infection, how to prevent cdiff

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Pregnant, sinus infection, how to prevent cdiff

Postby KileyZ » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:33 pm


I wanted to get the Board participants’ advice on a difficult situation. I’m 10 weeks pregnant and have contracted a pretty bad sinus infection. It started with a cold three weeks back that morphed into a sinus infection that has been going strong for 6 days now. I got a fever and full on chills about six days ago which turned into lots of sinus pressure and lots of drainage causing me to cough a lot. The fever passed, but the other symptoms show no signs of abating. I have coughed so much that my ribs are painfully sore and even taking a deep breathe is painful. To put it shortly, im miserable and of course nauseated (10 weeks pregnant).

My PCP prescribed a V pack. But I’m scared to take it because I’ve had c diff twice. Neither occurrences were from antibiotics, I just randomly had it the first time. The second time I think I got it after my second child was born (after the hospital stay), or it could have been after an endoscopy I had at a hospital about a month after giving birth. Neither occurrence was the dramatic diarrhea most experience, but definitely very loose painful stools confirmed by a stool test. These occurrences were several years apart.

So now you know my history and my current situation, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. I’d like to take the anabiotic to get rid of this horrible sinus infection, but I’m so worried about contracting c diff, especially when pregnant. I consulted with my OB, and she said to take it in the pack if my sinus infection was very bad, but no anabiotic is best for those with a history of CDF.

Is there a good protocol to follow while taking antibiotics to prevent c diff? I take a saccromyces in the morning and a different probiotic at night. I was thinking about doubling this while on treatment or finding something new at the store that has at least 50 billion CFUs.

Thank you for your recommendations.


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Re: Pregnant, sinus infection, how to prevent cdiff

Postby sammyp » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:06 pm

I'm sure someone else will chime in as well but wanted to point out that only about 10% of sinus infections are bacterial meaning that most of them are viruses and don't require an antibiotic at all. The best way to beat a sinus infection is with patience and treating symptoms (meds for your cough, congestion, headaches, lots of rest, nasal saline solutions, neti pots, etc). Most people want a quick fix because it can take weeks, sometimes even longer, for a sinus infection to clear up on its own and so they press their docs for an antibiotic. Your OB is right - no antibiotic is best for those of us with CDiff history. I'd be 10000000 percent sure that an antibiotic is necessary (your doctor can swab your nasal passages to and have a culture done to see if a bacteria is present) otherwise I wouldn't take it. For me personally, I'd have to be in a life-threatening situation to take an antibiotic as per my ID docs recommendation. And my CDiff also wasn't caused by antibiotics to begin with. That part doesn't really matter - taking them can still cause a relapse.

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Re: Pregnant, sinus infection, how to prevent cdiff

Postby roy » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:18 am

Sounds like typical symptoms of a simple cold.
Taking antibiotics for that might prove foolish!
Almost certainly they are not appropriate.

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