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Postby AnxiousJ » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:18 pm

Last week I was getting over a bad cold and leaving for a trip. I had taken a steroid inhaler and was having D about once a day. Two days before my trip I had it 3 x and called my GI's office and at their suggestion, I ended up testing. I received the results on 6/5 and it was negative. My question is the test says Toxigenic PCR: Lab & Collection: Toxin Gene NAA. I called the lab and GI office and they told me that is a PCR. I've seen Lab & Collection: PCR when it was run before. Is this still the same test? Also,while this is mild, I am continuing to have D almost once a day (with a formed here or there) and it's been about a week. The GI also tested me last week for Calprotectin which came back normal. Other than my period which I had a few days ago,I don't know why I would still be having this. Does it sound like just IBS? I added IBGard along with continuing VSL and Florastor.

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