Post c diff IBS and abdominal pain

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Post c diff IBS and abdominal pain

Postby Destin » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:15 pm

I contacted c diff a year ago October. I had about 8 recurrences. In August I did one course of difficid, relapsed again. Did a second course of difficid, this time followed by an at home fecal transplant. I did oral capsules for 5 days in addition to enemas.

In October I had my doctor retest me and I tested negative but I just don't feel right. I keep having persistent left sided abdominal pain. My doctor thinks this is IBS. I have constipation, take miralax, then I have loose stools for a few days, then get constipated and the cycle repeats.

It feels like I am still infected. Even after going on vancomycin for c diff, I would usually have abdominal pain lasting for 3 weeks at a time. I assumed that was how long it took for the antibiotic to kick in and my body to heal.

This abdominal pain feels the same as the c diff pain, except without the cramps and diarrhea. But I don't seem to be getting worse. As you know untreated c diff gets worse... this is like being stuck in the middle. It has been weeks. If I was going to relapse shouldn't I be sick by now?

If this is IBS maybe I need to cut out all fiber? Stick to liquid foods and see if it improves? Add more fiber or a different type? I have been eating oat meal, kiefer and yogurt, sometimes pasta, and soy products. I don't eat meat. I could try a non fermentable fiber like citrucel. I don't know. My doctor wasn't helpful regarding dietary choices. I have been very gassy. I could also try psyllium, but I tried that before the c diff and did not do well on it. My stomach has always been sensitive.

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Re: Post c diff IBS and abdominal pain

Postby beth22 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:35 am

Hi Destin - What you are describing is not unusual. I had many relapses and I had those symptoms too, plus inconsistent stools. The c diff and the meds to treat it unfortunately do cause damage and some people take a long time to heal. It could be that something you are eating may be making things worse. Dairy and fiber are pretty common triggers, but taking a fiber supplement can also make things worse. It helps some, but makes others, like me, worse. A few posters like Benefiber. It seems to be the mildest. There is also natural acacia fiber that you can buy at a health food store.

If you think that this is IBS, there is a product called EnteraGam that is a Rx that is supposed to help heal the gut immune system. OTC there is something called IBGard that is peppermint oil capsules, but some have reported improvement. It is supposed to soothe the intestinal tract. Ask your GI about these products.

I had no problems with meat, but I did and do with fruit and raw vegetables. Try writing down what you eat for a few weeks and see if there are any triggers.

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Re: Post c diff IBS and abdominal pain

Postby NanciT » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:15 am

Hello Destin

I have been in a very similar cycle and in time the left sided pain slowly went away, that was after testing, CT, lab etc. I was on Dificid for 3 months and think it was very harsh on my body. I still get the pain on and off and have seen 3 Gi's. They all recommended Miralax to me and I have got it down to a small dose( I take a teaspoon) which has now worked into a regular cycle. Everyone of them felt it it was the way to get things on tract and are not concerned if I continue. I drink alot of water and go back to my bland diet if the pain comes back. I also take note of what I am eating. I have tried red meat twice but had issues, also even a small amount of wine bothers me now.

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Re: Post c diff IBS and abdominal pain

Postby brae » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:43 am

Hi Destin. I have found that prescription Docusate gelcaps worked well with my constipation. I'm told the side effects are low and can be taken for quite a while. Do you get bloating or acid reflux?

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