How I got through C Diff after it almost killed me.

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How I got through C Diff after it almost killed me.

Postby Brett77 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:53 pm

I lived through C Diff around 5 years ago and feel like I need to share how I got through the other side.

The Dr would give me antibiotics to kill the C diff but this also kills the health bacteria in your stomach so it is a brutal catch 22. After not being able to recover and losing 20+ pounds I found a probiotic called Florastor that is yeast based so I could take antibiotics and still grow health gut microbes over time without the antibiotics killing the probiotic. I also took soil based probiotics as well but I truly believe the Florastor saved me as it allowed me to have a healthy enough system to rebuild my natural gut flora. I also ate a lot of fresh greens while taking it to try to rebuild the natural stomach flora that is lost with this horrible illness.

I hope this helps someone as I researched day and night in the worst time of my life and it took me months to figure out something that worked and I truly came close to dying as the doctor told me I had the flu and sent me home when I first when to the hospital. By the time I came back my intestines were close to rupturing and my stomach was very swollen and I could barely think. I sat on the toilet all day and night and the agony is hard to put to words. This is truly horrible to have to live through and mine was caused by the antibiotic Clindamycin which is an evil antibiotic in my opinion. I am so scared of any antibiotic to this day...

Wishing you well and Aloha,

Brett Fagan.

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Re: How I got through C Diff after it almost killed me.

Postby Bobbie » Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:00 pm

Thx, Brett. Glad u are doing well. Everyone is different and responds differently to meds. I am glad Florstor worked for,you. It has worked for some on the site - and not worked for others.

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