Dificid Taper with UTI

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Dificid Taper with UTI

Postby Roxanne » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:21 pm

Wondering with the chronic UTI's if that is why the Dificid taper failed. Ended up with a FMT. Have C-diff again due to meds. Also have another UTI.

Anyone else have issues with a taper and needing antibiotics? How did you manage?

Preventive ways to keep C-Diff from coming back if you have to go on antibiotics?

Are they getting close to being able to rid the body of all spores?

7 years of frustration


61-year-old Caucasian female

Medical history

Dercum’s – Type 2 & 3 connective tissue disorder with thousands of Angilipomas, including in the pancreas, kidney’s and liver. With Lymphoedema/lipolymphoedema Dx age 30 Progressive disease

Mast Cell Syndrome – Common with Type 3 Dercum’s (Mast Cell causes many allergies)

Folic Acid Conversion – Worst kind – causes drug sensitivity and some medication’s don’t work, others work to well

2011 - Dx C-Diff after surgery for bladder lift, IV antibiotic’s given.

Allergic / drug sensitive to most medications. Cipro and Vanco both cause loss of hearing. Treatment stopped for C-Diff due to major hearing loss. Flagal also tried, unsuccessful.

C-Diff reduction in symptoms with Dificid.

Chronic UTI’s – Reason Dificid didn’t cure??

Continued having C-Diff, critically worsened in 2017, even being on Dificid. Unknown if I was also on antibiotics for UTI during this time.

FMT 2011 – symptoms immediately gone. Strictly followed the FMT diet.

Month later starting having very mild symptoms of C-Diff. Positive for C-Diff. Put on Dificid taper, scheduled for 2nd FMT - cancelled. Symptoms completely resolved with Dificid. – Did the Dificid work because it was mild, or not on antibiotic’s or combination?

2018 Put on 2 courses of antibiotics for what the Dr believed to be an infection – turned out to be severe GERD. Placed on Pantoprazole 400 mg 2x day, (another drug that can bring on C-Diff.) Symptoms of C-Diff prior to Pantoprazole started, Dr believed it was IBS. Finally tested for C-Diff – Positive Stopped using Pantoprazole.

Currently on Dificid 200 mg 2x day. Current UTI, waiting on culture for correct antibiotics. Symptoms are reducing.

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