About Dificid Taper/FMT

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About Dificid Taper/FMT

Postby Kweeble » Tue May 31, 2022 12:05 pm

First off- hello, I’m Kweeble, but you can call me Kwee or Penny, either one is just fine. I’m a 22 year old female who is going on about 6 months of suffering from C Diff. To say it has ruined my life might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true! Being unable to work, go to school, or even leave my home has been extremely demotivating to say the least. However, by far the biggest struggle is finding a doctor who understands this disease enough to give me actually solid advice.

Since March, I have been seeing and conversing with a nurse practitioner who is supposed to specialize in C Diff patients. Prior to seeing her, I had tried Vanco for 10 days and it didn’t work. She then put me on the Vanco taper, saying it should work since I am young- it didn’t work. I then tried Dificid for 10 days and that also did not work. In my last conversation with her, she said that no taper for Dificid exists and instead, put me back on Dificid for only 14 days, but from looking through this forum, I see that she is wrong.

I have been finished with my 14 day Dificid treatment for almost two weeks now and I’m getting increasingly nervous about the C Diff coming back. I am hoping I don’t have to cross this bridge at all, but to those of you on this forum who have taken the Dificid taper, how effective was it for you? Did you initially fail the 10 day treatment, or were you put on the taper from the start?

In the event I do relapse again, FMT is another option on the table. Hopefully, these questions are hypothetical, but I have never had a colonoscopy. I know that prep will likely be required for the FMT, but seeing as I’ve never done it, I don’t know what to expect at all. Is it… traumatizing? Also, in the weeks while you are waiting for the actual FMT to be done, do they just put you on Vanco or Dificid to keep symptoms at bay or what do they do?

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Re: About Dificid Taper/FMT

Postby GtrGrl » Tue May 31, 2022 7:07 pm

Hi Kwee,

Sorry you've fallen prey to C Diff. I can't help with the Dificid taper info but I can tell you the colonoscopy/FMT prep is not such a big deal. I was dreading it but it was really nothing compared to C Diff and not something to spend time worrying about. Just don't ignore the advice about staying near a toilet and maybe buy some nappy rash cream as you can get a little bit sore! I was put on Vanco beforehand and stopped 48 hours before the procedure.

I hope you make some progress soon.

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Re: About Dificid Taper/FMT

Postby georgina » Wed Jun 01, 2022 7:03 am

I have never taken Dificid but there are several posters here that have been on courses of Dificid that were longer then 10 days. However i have experince with FMT's as i had my last one in 2018 that cured the infection . I won't be traumatizing if the colonoscopy is done with anethesia ,you will sleep trough the entire procedure ,however if you do it without the anesthesia it will hurt . And yes , the infection needs to be under control before you get the FMT , Vanco or Dificid will be needed in full dosage and will be stopped in the day you start doing the prep.

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