Receiving treatment for possible C diff infection

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Receiving treatment for possible C diff infection

Postby jstep813 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:20 am

Hi, my name is Jennifer 34/F. I went in to my GI Drs office Monday complaining of extreme abdominal pain and loose stools (at my worst 20 x's). I had C diff last yr but never chalked it up to being C diff symptoms as I also have ulcerative colitis. Submitted my stool sample and got a call from my Dr to start vancomycin and my stool sample was positive for C diff.

Well last night I happen to log onto my health website and looked up my lab results from all the testing. All of my stool results are still pending according to the website. My question is if it is still pending why did my Dr go ahead and start me on vanco? Will this mess my alrdy sensitive intestines? Will I have constant recurrences with this C diff infection? If in fact, I do not have C diff will stopping the vanco hurt me in the long run? I have gotten no sleep for fear I will never rid of this nasty bug. Any advice would be appreciated

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Re: Receiving treatment for possible C diff infection

Postby NanciT » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:29 pm


I responded to you on the other thread, I did not see at the time you were questioning IF this was CDIFF. That test generally comes back really quick. Give your GI a call and confirm this has been diagnosed!


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