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Postby Juicebox » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:06 pm

Hello, I am a 29 f who recently got this awful infection. Essentially I’ve had to be on a antibiotics quite a few times this past year due to infections and most recently I got c diff as a result. It’s a frustrating thing to deal with as you all know. I’m about a week and a half post flagyl and am still experiencing loose abnormal stool , bloating, weakness, etc but not any D so it’s hard to know if the infection cleared, if I’m in recovery and things will look off for awhile although things were off pre diagnoses as well, if stress and anxiety which I have quite a lot of are contributing, or if I have something else going on. I also have recurrent bv, which the flagyl was supposed to treat because it’s worked before but hasn’t this time, so although it’s a different infection, it makes me feel like maybe flagyl didn’t work for this either. I should mention also that my immune system seems to not be not the best and I have a heart condition as well so I’ve been following up a lot with my drs and have done other testing in the past but so far nothing is concrete. I’ve been using a lot of the advice/info from these forums so I have to say that this is an awesome community.

My questions:
I’m scheduled to get a ct scan to check for other underlying gi issues, and am nervous about the prep aggrevating this infection more. I know I’ll probably get D from it because I’ve had one before so I’m wondering if there’s any relation between potentially still having c diff and getting one.

Also just confirming that 2 weeks is the correct time frame to recheck. My dr suggested to recheck bc things still aren’t normal but I’m hesitant to recheck too early for false results.

Any advice for a vegetarian trying to gain weight. One of my biggest concerns is weight loss and I’m already small so it’s challenging when I’ve lost so much. I generally eat a bland diet and follow dietary advice from dr and from what I’ve seen on here and I have protein shakes but as a vegetarian it’s hard to get protein in, especially when trying to avoid dairy although I’ve had yogurt and the shakes because basically it’s hard to figure out what to eat and I’m so used to getting bloated already that I just expect it/deal with it. I eat peanut butter too and tofu.

Finally, has anyone experienced vertigo and fatigue and brain fog from flagyl or c diff or stress from this. On top of my gi issues, these psychological/mental implications have been super debilitating and I basically lack energy and don’t feel like myself. It makes me unsure if the infection is gone or if it was the flagyl (I took the standard 10 days 3x daily dosage). Overall this just sucks and I feel pretty isolated.

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Re: New here

Postby NanciT » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:00 pm

Hello and Welcome to the site Please read the first thread for all new posters

It sounds like your GI has decided to do a CT with your current symptoms. If you have NO D its possible the Flagyl worked and possible something else is going on? The CT either has a contrast you drink or it's given IV and should not be an issue. I had several during CDIFF and Post CDIFF , it won't affect the flora like a colonoscopy Prep.
Follow through with your GI and any testing they may do. Often people can get Post IBS and you may want to talk with him about it.
As far as Flagyl and symptoms, there are so many side effects, it made me very sick and I only took it 3 days.
Hope all goes well with the testing and you feel better soon. It can take time Post CDIFF

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Re: New here

Postby georgina » Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:03 am

Hi juicebow
Sorry you are dealing with Cdiff. Hopefully this round of Flagyl has done the trick and you are just experiencing a hard recovery.
I do not understand why your doctor want's you to take a prep for a CT scan. A prep is not needed for a CT just a diet.
Also , about diet , being a vegetarian after Cdiff won't help because most vegetables are hard to digest and will upset your stomach as they are high in fiber and also you need a lot of proteins that can only be taken from meats , eggs etc. Vegetables that might agree with you are : zuchinni , potatoes , carrots , celery , bell pepper,rice , avocado but they must be very well cooked . Stay away from leafy greens.

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