Recovery, retesting, and looking for success stories

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Recovery, retesting, and looking for success stories

Postby slplkaye » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:04 pm

I was prescribed clindamycin for cellulits at the beginning of September and began experiencing diarrhea while taking the antibiotic, but was encouraged to keep taking it. I had strange, increased bowel movements that gradually progressed to 20+ per day (with mucus), along with nausea. I did not have fever or severe abdominal pain. I asked to be tested for c diff and my doctor agreed, but did not think I had it. Well, the result was positive. The doctor at urgent care prescribed oral Flagyl and Vanco, but I could not tolerate Flagyl. From what I understand, prescribing the two together is not standard practice anyway. I began feeling much better and stopped having diarrhea completely on day two of the vancomycin. I continued to have gas and a "noisy" stomach after treatment ended. While on vacation last week, I had some loose BMs and began passing mucus, I was terrified that I was relapsing. My doctor advised me to take Pepto, which I did. It helped tremendously. Once I returned from vacation, I stopped the Pepto to see what would happen. The next day, I had two loose bowel movements, followed by over 36 hours of no bowel movements at all. Today, I had a small, formed bowel movement and there was mucus on the toilet paper when I wiped. Since mucus was a symptom of my initial infection, I am panicking. I finished vancomycin 31 days ago. Should I retest or just wait to see if it progresses? I am still afraid that I will infect my family. I am still keeping them out of my bathroom. I bleach all of my laundry and wash it separately. I work as a speech therapist in a daycare setting and we have multiple children that have previously had c diff. Should I see them for therapy or ask another therapist to see them? I have searched and searched for stories of people that were cured with one course of antibiotics and never looked back to encourage myself, but I can't seem to find any! This group has been a wonderful resource. I am so thankful for all the help you all have given me!

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Re: Recovery, retesting, and looking for success stories

Postby amg » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:40 am

Don't panic yet. Occasional mucous can be seen in normal situations, and commonly with IBS. It is nothing to worry about unless you start having diarrhea and all those things that go along with active c diff illness. Try to stay calm and continue eating bland and see how this plays out. A bit of mucous with formed bm is definitely not a reason to test.

Also, if the recurrence rate after initial infection is 20%, then that means 4 out of 5 people are cured after 1 course of treatment you don't see those stories here because this support group attracts those who are having more problems.

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