Finished my Vanco-questions

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Finished my Vanco-questions

Postby slplkaye » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:03 pm

I finished my vanco today! Are there other people that have gotten rid of c diff with one ten-day course? I haven't had diarrhea since day 2 of treatment and I fell pretty much normal except I am gassy and bloated. I have been avoiding my family for ten days. I won't let anyone in my bathroom and have been bleaching like crazy. Al of my laundry has been done separately and I am scared to hug my kids and husband or prepare food for them. When is it safe to relax? I feel like all I think about is relapsing or infecting someone else. Do I need to keep taking precautions with laundry? How long? I'm scared to even use the bathroom anywhere that's not my house.

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Re: Finished my Vanco-questions

Postby roy » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:59 pm

4 out of 5 people are cured first time and return quickly to normal life (almost instantly).
Normal hygiene keeps most bugs including c.diff in check.

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Re: Finished my Vanco-questions

Postby MKW » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:26 pm

Sounds like you need to have some practical sanitary practices during your time window you are at risk for relapse, so you won't worry. You are having normal BM's now... not running to and from a bed in a desperate confused state of active C Diff. Easy precautions that are livable are you can wear nitrile or latex gloves (cheap) when you wipe after a BM, then toss in trash. Close the lid when you flush. And spray the toilet with 10% bleach and let sit for 15 minutes then wipe down. And don't keep anything on the counters in your bathroom that people use. Toilets evidently can "spray" bacteria into the air after flushing. Other than this... you are fine. Oh, I'm female, so also wore menstrual pads with the wide back that I could just throw away so I felt like I wasn't contaminating my underwear. Basically, come up with some general precautions to follow that become a routine for you and that make you feel like you are doing what you can to protect others. And encourage thorough regular hand washing with your family members. This is just a good general practice in life.

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