worried and unsure!

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worried and unsure!

Postby lj123 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:15 pm

Hi! This is my first time posting! I am a 19 year old first year female college student who was diagnosed with c diff almost a month ago after taking Omnicef for a sinus infection. Prior to getting diagnosed I had never heard of c diff before in my life. In fact, due to my age and symptoms (never had a fever, diarrea wasn’t consistent) the doctors didn’t think I could have c diff either. However, after finding a significant number of inflammation during a blood test they decided to do a stool sample as a precaution. Turns out the nausea, frequent bowel movements, mucus in stool, and loss of appetite were all due to a c diff infection. Right away I was started on a 10 day course of Vanc . When I was first diagnosed I felt relieved that it was something curable, but that quickly switched to fear when I realized how serious c diff was and how I am always at risk of recurrence. C diff has very much impacted my life recently. I was forced to leave my dorm and take a week off of classes due to being contagious. Fortunately, professors were understanding, but I still was left stressed and anxious. While on vanc my symptoms improved. However, shortly after stopping I am still experiencing some of my symptoms that I had. I am constantly worried about my c diff recurring and notice every little pain or uncomfortable feeling and immediately think that it could be a sign. Because my symptoms were so silent before, i’m scared I might miss something. I still experience nausea, loss of appetite and looser stools 2-3 times a day that are usually pretty light in color (yellow when I wipe) sorry for the TMI!! but not diarrhea, so far no mucus yet either. Is this normal?? I called doc and he said that it’s too early to test again, but just went ahead and prescribed another round of vanc anyway. But I just have hesitation about starting antibiotics again if I don’t know for sure whether I have it. I just don’t know what to think anymore. This has become very challenging to deal with as a college student who lives in a dorm, and I would love to hear some input from those who have been through this. (P.S I also take a pretty hefty amount of probiotics daily)

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Re: worried and unsure!

Postby beth22 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:17 pm

Hi lj123 and welcome to the site. Please read the first forum for more information for new posters. I am sorry that you have to deal with this during your first year at college. I am a teacher and had to deal with it at school too, but at least I could return home and not to a dorm. That does make things more difficult.

I also had mild symptoms like you and also was put on vanco right off. I did wind up relapsing about 2.5 weeks later, but not everyone does. I did not tolerate probiotics well. Some people don't and it may be the probiotics that are giving you symptoms. I also could no longer tolerate dairy, including yogurt. I would hold off taking any more vanco unless things get worse or you have a positive test.

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Re: worried and unsure!

Postby OCmama » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:22 am

Oh hun!! I am so sorry, I hope you live close to your college? The good news is that you are young, and some people are treated one time for C. diff and never have it again. Avoid antibiotics, take florastor, wash your hands, bleach your undies and towels and try not to read the scary stories online. The people who are most often posting are people who have had a rough time with it, most people recover well and move on. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you.

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Re: worried and unsure!

Postby Ril » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:15 am

Yes, this is a perplexing and anxiety producing illness and living in a dorm has to be even worse for you.
You should not have to test again. Your dr should determine whether to treat based on your description of symptoms.
Watery d is the hallmark sign of c diff colitis, at least 3 episodes usually for 3 days is a rule of thumb used as a guideline. What you describe does not sound like a relapse but still as part of recovery. Recovery is not as easy as you might think, for many people, and can be rocky. Your BMs will likely enter a period of “new normal”.

Also, you might be taking too many probiotics. Sometimes they are difficult to tolerate and can also cause GI disturbances. Florastor is a good one if you can tolerate it and you might want to start cutting back and seeing how you do with them.

You should remember the majority of people -70-80%- recover after the first or second treatment so you likely will be fine. I did and have been c diff free for 6 years. Eat bland for a while, add new foods slowly and no alcohol. Your gut has to recover.

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Re: worried and unsure!

Postby Caligirl » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:47 pm

I am so sorry that you’re going through this at college! I was diagnosed when I was 9 months pregnant and was put on Flagyl. It was HORRIBLE! I ended up having to go to the hospital because I was so dehydrated that I went into labor and they had to stop the labor. During birth I got an infection and had to go on antibiotics, so it came back (though not nearly as bad this time). I was put on Vanco for 10 days. I ended up having to have one more minor surgery (not related to c diff) and they gave me a dose of antibiotics. A week later I had frequent bowel movements and had one bout of diarrhea, I was petrified! I immediately called my GI and he prescribed more vanco. I felt sick to my stomach, I couldn’t eat, I was so fatigued. But my sister is a nurse and she talked to a GI that works at the same hospital and he gave me some advice that I decided to follow. A ton of people have the c diff bacteria in their gut but never get sick from it, their body suppresses it. EVERYONE has both good and bad bacteria, and our bodies are able to regulate it for us. So since my symptoms were so mild and only for one day, I decided not to take the Vanco and saved it. After two weeks of not getting sick, I threw them away. This might not be the best choice for everyone, but my body was clearly doing what it is supposed to do, fight off the bad bacteria. I take Florastor every morning and every night and wash my hands before cooking, eating, after using the restroom, and right when I get home from running errands. And I plan on avoiding antibiotics unless it’s basically a life or death situation. I pray you feel better and try not to let it effect you too much! (Easier said than done, I know). Once I decided not to take the next dose of Vanco, I instantly felt more energized and had an appetite. My anxiety over it is what was making me feel so sick. I pray that you get better and can leave this horrible experience in the past!

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