Six weeks post 2nd round of Vancomycin

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Six weeks post 2nd round of Vancomycin

Postby LT428 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:47 am

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well. This is my 3rd time posting on this forum. As I’m doing this, I’m lying in bed with so many doubts and fears of this disease. I’m 6 weeks post second round of Vancomycin. Flagyl was the first treatment but tested positive 2 weeks later with no D. Been diagnosed with CDIFF since July 2017. My ‘recovery’ has been extremely rough. Upper stomach pain that doesn’t go away with whatever I eat or drink. Abnormal color and consistency BM everyday. However, I’ve been going 1-2 times a day. I had one D episode in the last 6 weeks but it formed up the next day. Even with my original diagnosis, the max for me was 3x a day with D.

Last night, I went to use the bathroom. As I started to wipe, I noticed M and a small amount of B (sorry, TMI). This is the first time I’ve noticed this in the last 6 months. My question is, should I be concerned that I’m starting a relapse? I did test negative after the last Vanco treatment but I think my GI tested me too early. I’ve been constipated with little pebbles (sorry, TMI). I went 2x this morning and they are pebbles, but no B or M. Besides the fear and depression since the diagnosis, I feel okay. I’m on Florastor and sticking to bland diet. I’m so hungry and oh so want a slice of pizza!

My GI thinks I’m going to be okay. I recently had an ultrasound and blood work done. All was normal. He wanted to do a endoscopy, but I opted out because my stomach pain started to feel better (well, until today). Should I be worried of that one episode of M and B? Also, anyone experience pain under their ribs for a long time?

Thank you for reading! I feel so lost and loosing hope. I recently got engaged and I’m not enjoying this time in my life.


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Re: Six weeks post 2nd round of Vancomycin

Postby beth22 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:56 am

When you have the kind of stools that you describe, that is considered C and those hard "pebbles" can cause bleeding and M. When I get C is when I get M.

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