Quick Tips to Feel Better

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Quick Tips to Feel Better

Postby Bobbie » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:57 pm

Try a heating pad set on low - auto shut off best. Curl up in a fetal position on your left side and put the pad on your stomach.

Get a script from your doc for an anti spasmodic like Bentyl or Levsin.

NanciT' said the following helps:

Yes, to Better health!! I have my heating pad on right now!!! I buy these large ones that are actually for the shoulder made by Sunbeam....have been through 4 of them but worth every penny!!

When not at home I use the Thermacare. They work OK but its nice to have something I can use in the classroom.

When things are bad, I have taken a wet towel and put it in the microwave, cover it with paper towels and use that, especially with bladder spasms. It works so well, the deep heat helps so much. If having a bad day, try it.

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