Cliff tests and questions

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Cliff tests and questions

Postby Bel61 » Wed May 23, 2018 2:31 pm

Hi everyone,
I had my fmt on May 4, was hospitalized that night due to severe abdominal pain and fainting. Caught a rare bacterial urine infection the next day and was put on macrobid for 7days. Was hospitalized again in my hometown on May 13 for very low sodium and pain. I had been having diarrhea everyday since the transplant and severe nausea and pain. They ran a cdiff test the next day by EIA testing which came back positive for toxin A/and or B. I was given vanco twice until the internist stepped in and took me off all antibiotics. She had me start pepto tablets twice a day which did stop the diarrhea. She stated that a person could test positive for awhile after fmt and wanted to wait it out which was fine with me. I felt pretty good for about 4 days then started feeling worse and worse. Since Sunday I have had all the classic symptoms of cdiff, [nausea,chills,abdominal pain,severe heartburn, no appetite) I will have a formed bm first, then diarrhea a few times. I feel as if the cdiff is back. I really feel bad.
In your opinion would the EIA test be reliable and should I test again? It has been 19 days since the fmt. I kind of think the Macrobid jeopardized the fmt but am not sure. I read Roy's explanation of how it is excreted and that made me feel better but am concerned that I am feeling so bad. I never had the chills except with the active cdiff. Can I test if I am still taking the Pepto? I feel if I quit taking it the diarrhea would come back worse.
I can check with the outpatient lab to see if they could request the PCR test. I know I am being paranoid but can't help it.

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Re: Cliff tests and questions

Postby Lid49 » Wed May 23, 2018 2:58 pm

Yes you can test if you have symtoms. 19 days with no antibiotic it will give you an accrued result.but only if you have symptoms. D 3 times a day ore more for at list 3 days
Hope you will feel better.

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