Bowel prep

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Bowel prep

Postby Bel61 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:15 pm

Hi all,
Am having my fmt next Friday and have a question. I was wondering what bowel prep have people tried that is not so harsh on the body? I also have been having a lot of heart arrhythmias lately and think that the Vanco has exacerbated them. I also have had low sodium and had to get iv's three times in a month and a half. I have been on Vanco pretty straight for 8 weeks. I am not feeling too bad although am quite weak and cannot gain any weight at all. I am down to 94 lbs.
I am go to my pcp Monday and having my electrolytes checked so that if I need some I still have time to get an IV. The GI office gave me suprep but is states on the insert that comes with it that it can cause arrhythmias. Needless to say I am concerned that it might flip me into afib and not be able to get the procedure done.
I have had several colonoscopies in the past but did not have as many health issues then, although the last one I had I did go in to afib for awhile due to being dehydrated. This time I am taking along a lot of pedialyte to drink to help with the electrolyte situation. I have to travel 3 hours one way to the hospital where it is being done so will spend the night in a motel.
I would appreciate any or all feedback on experiences and tips with the prep from people on this forum.
Thank You

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Re: Bowel prep

Postby Lid49 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:45 pm

Regarding prep and afib I think you have to ask your Dr. You need to be hydrated very well in order for your again not to start acting, during Gatorade and clear soop on the day prior the procedure. Hope the Fmt will work for you.

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Re: Bowel prep

Postby NanciT » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:29 pm

This must be discussed with your GI, ask him to speak with your primary. They both need to know about your current conditions. They may come up with a different method due to your electrolyte imbalance.
Good luck with the FMT

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