Friday is 4 weeks, now fevers again

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Friday is 4 weeks, now fevers again

Postby MrsM25 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:56 am

Friday will be 4 weeks since having my FMT done. Everything has slowly gotten better except all the sudden on Sunday, I got the low grade fevers back. Exactly the same thing I had the week after the FMT was done. They don’t get high, up to about 99.3 F but accompanied by body/muscle aches, fatigue and some slight nausea. This is EXACTLY what I had with the fevers after the FMT was done. It’s so confusing though because I have been having soft, formed BM’s 1-2 times a day the last 2 weeks or so since I started taking benefiber. I still have M with my BM’s but I’ve been brushing it off as just PI-IBS. No cramping or urgency like you would with a relapse. I would think it’s a virus or something but I have no other symptoms just like before. No stuffy/runny nose, no sore throat, no nothing. Can’t figure it out. I don’t know if it’s still my body adjusting to the FMT almost 4 weeks out? Or if I still have a low grade infection that isn’t giving me full blown D? It’s so confusing, and tiring. Sigh

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