Stool after fmt

If you have had or are considering an FMT please share your experiences here.
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Stool after fmt

Postby kanak » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:47 pm

I had my 2nd fmt on friday. I didn't go for a few days but when I did my stools are still loose not full blown water but mush. Anyone had this experience? Lots of posters eith solid bowels after, not me.

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Re: Stool after fmt

Postby Lid49 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:50 pm

Hi, do not be alarm, I to have my second FMT, it will get better, I know how you feel like you I'm very scared. I have Ibs so it is not easy. Please take a day at the time. If you want you can PM me. I wish you good luck. Please keep writing your progress. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks for me. Was not easy. Still not out of the woods. I read that people after fmt can have diharea for few days.
Lid 49.

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Re: Stool after fmt

Postby acure » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:16 pm

Just curious, are your doctors preparing the sample in a manner which avoids all contact with air ? (exposure to air has the potential to kill up to 90% of the bacteria being transplanted)

Was the donation from Openbiome, or from a different source ? A donor that is a relative can sometimes be more effective. That said, donors that are relatives are not always good donors, for many reasons.

Has your donor has been screened and tested properly ?

There will be a national AGA symposium in early 2018 about FMTs. Encourage your gastroenterologist to attend.

Some suggestions;
donor diet for the two weeks before the donation should be high in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and also MUST include indigestible carbohydrates (prebiotic foods) that provide food for the good bacteria of the microbiome. They should avoid processed foods as much as possible and cook from scratch (many processed foods contain emulsifiers which have been found to be causing chronic inflammation in the gut. Also, processed foods have preservatives, (these have been found to be killing our good bacteria in a recent study from Hawaii).
Donors should not have had antibiotics in the last two or three years, and preferably much, much longer, 10 years or more ( antibiotics kill up to a third of the species of the gut microbiome with just one course. Some come back after a year, some never do. We are losing diversity.
With that said, the less antibiotics your donor has ever had in their entire life, the better. Donor health, diet, and microbiome diversity is very important.

Athletic donors tend to have more diverse microbiomes. Does your donor exercise on a regular basis ?

After your transplant, you should avoid processed foods, as much as you can (reasons above).

You should start a daily exercise program, even if it is a daily walk. Those who exercise tend to have more diverse microbiomes, which is what you want. You want a healthy, diverse microbiome.

After your FMT you may find it necessary to avoid certain foods. (for instance, after my FMT, which reversed my IBS-D, I still had issues with dairy. Before my FMT, dairy caused a 3 day flare up of symptoms, it was terrible. So, while dairy was much improved after FMT, I still seem to have issues with dairy products, so I just avoid them.

More, if you are interested.

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Re: Stool after fmt

Postby Davidtm » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:29 am

I held my second fmt for 3 days.... not fun. But even then it was still loose. It took about 2 weeks for things to stabilize to appear more normal but not every day was ideal. Good days become
More frequent than bad. Irritable bowel affects many even after a successful fmt. Hang in there!

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