Information on FMT Procedure & Questions to Ask Doctor

If you have had or are considering an FMT please share your experiences here.
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Information on FMT Procedure & Questions to Ask Doctor

Postby Bobbie » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:48 pm

Most doctors require two positive tests before they will OK a FMT. (Believe this is regulated by the FDA after they "cracked down" this summer.) Google FDA and FMT. Let me know what you find out, and I'll post it on the site. The site (and particularly this forum) is a "work in progress and we appreciate everyone's contribution. At some point, we might have posters post within the FMT forum. Now it is open just to moderators.

The FMT is usually given as part of a colonoscopy after a prep the night before. You usually remain on one of the C. diff. meds. for a day or two before the procedure. It is done on an outpatient basis, and you go home several hours later. It is important you "hold the transfer" as long as you can although one patient held it for l5 min. and did well. Because it is given as a colonoscopy, your insurance might pay for some of the procedure. Some doctors have you take Imodium once or twice to help "hold" the infusion.

For some, it is a "miracle" cure. For others, it can take awhile until you feel 100%. (I had IBS for several months afterwards.)

It is important you ask your doctor:

What tests do my donor and I have to take?
Who would be my best donor: family member, sibling, friend?
How long will I be on C. diff. meds. before the procedure?
How long before the prep should I stop eating with the exception of liquids and other broths, and jello (not red) ?
What should I know about the prep?
What else should I know about the procedure?
What limitations on activity should I follow after the procedure?
What warning signs (if any) should I report?
Is there any advice about diet? (Some doctors advise staying on a low fiber diet before the procedure and a high fiber diet afterwards to "feed" the new good bacteria.)
Should I anticipate side effects of the procedure? (Example IBS.)
What is the cost of the entire procedure? ("Ball park" figure in the US seems to be about $2,000.00. Insurance might pay some.)

I am not in the medical field. The above information was taken from my own experience and is not a substitute for your own doctor's advice.

There are two videos regarding infusions. Go to the home page of the site. The vidoes are on the right hand side. You must have the latest version phpBB® Forum (site software) to view these.

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Re: Information on FMT Procedure & Questions to Ask Doctor

Postby acure » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:39 pm

I've been studying the human microbiome and fecal microbiome transplants for over two years. It's fascinating, the microbiome plays such a huge role in our health.

Right now, Feb, 2016 it seems that FMT is moving much closer to being the first round treatment for C. Diff. It is that effective. I was just watching and interesting video on YouTube, "Manipulating the Microbiome with Fecal Transplants". Very interesting. They are reporting cure rates for C. Diff with over 90% success. This is just astounding for a cure rate in the medical field. Almost unheard of.

Overall, side affects from doing an FMT using screened and tested donors have been relatively rare, with very very few patients showing any negative affects. Of course, using screened and tested donors is very important. Their health should be absolutely perfect.

In a 2013 study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, 15 out of 16 patients with C. Diff. were cured, using an FMT.
In fact, I have read of one study being cancelled, as the FMT arm was so successful it was deemed unfair to the control arm that did not receive the FMT.

Truly, every single person with C. Diff. should be aware of the potential of FMTs to resolve their issues. It is that successful. The word should spread to everyone. Every member of this forum should consider educating their doctors about FMTs, at the very least so C. Diff. patients that are in dire conditions will have an educated doctor that can save their lives, via this procedure.

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Re: Information on FMT Procedure & Questions to Ask Doctor

Postby acure » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:48 pm

I am pretty new to this site. I don't have C. Diff. I used to have IBS-D. I spent an unbelievable amount of time researching the human microbiome and fecal microbiome transplants. I've asked permission to post on this site about what I learned ,and I just hope it is helpful for someone that suffers from this terrible condition of C. Diff.

Last year, I did a home FMT to reverse my IBS-D. It worked. Of course, I was well prepared, and had studied everything I could possibly find about it.

Granted, one has to get over the 'ick' factor. But honestly, I never touched anything yucky, and I never smelled anything either. So, it really wasn't that hard, and it worked. Getting the protocol right is the most important factor.

C. Diff. patients need to help their doctors understand the best protocols.

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