Should I have an FMT

If you have had or are considering an FMT please share your experiences here.
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Should I have an FMT

Postby lunasdad » Tue Oct 01, 2019 2:55 pm


I have posted my case history in other forums and would like input from some of the folks that have had or contemplating an FMT. I am a 39 year old male and have had IBS for 20 years. My IBS was well controlled for the past 6 years. In July 2019 I started having multiple daily WBM and pain in my lower abdomen. Also, I had horrible flu feelings leading up too and during the treatment. I was diagnosed with CDIFF at the hospital and put on 10 day course of Vanco. After completing the 10 days things slowly started to feel better, but in early August it went downhill and the the symptoms came back. I tried to wait it out but after a week I took a test which was positive and my GI and ID agreed that I needed to go back on Vancoe. I completed 14 days of Vanco late August and things quickly returned to normal. My stomach felt the best it felt in years. Fast forward to 10 days ago, my fluish feeling came back and my stools became softer and more urgent, not wbm. At first I thought that I was constipated but then over the last 4 days I have been having WBM every morning. In fact I have no feeling in my stomach or abdomen just a feeling in my rectum and I have to run to the bathroom, similar to my first experience. I went to a CDIFF expert in MT. Sinai in Manhattan before the WBM Started, he gave me a stool kit and said to wait for the WBM to start. I sent it in yesterday. He, my GI and ID all agree that I should start Dificid immediately and then have a FMT soon after finishing the 10 day course.

I am very anxious about having the FMT after reading so many of the posts in the forum, especially since I am unsure if this is just a heightened version of IBS and not cdiff. I asked my doctors about this but they think that because I was doing so well and the symptoms are different than my normal IBS the Dificid and FMT route is appropriate. I guess my question is should I rush into and FMT or should try the Dificid and see what happens?

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Re: Should I have an FMT

Postby beth22 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:57 am

I would wait to see your test results. I already answered you in the other post you had - test for other pathogens before you take DIficid. Dificid is very effective for c difficile, but if you have another bacteria, it won't help you. I would want to make sure that I actually had an active case of c difficile.

I have had more than one FMT and while it is not a magic cure, it was the best choice for me. Dificid was not out yet though. Had it been, I probably would have tried that first.

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