Post 2nd FMT

If you have had or are considering an FMT please share your experiences here.
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Post 2nd FMT

Postby CDnotME » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:02 pm

Just needing to know this is “normal”. Most says I’m okay. Some days no BM’s, the next day 1 “Normal” BM, then the next I may have a BM with mucus, and a couple bouts of D then back to nothing the next day. Everyone says it can be all over the place for a while- just want to know that others have experienced this too.

I go into PANIC mode every time I have D. Even if it’s only a couple times then goes away. Thinking of going to therapy for PTSD.

My FMT was Dec. 21st and I’ve really only had two bouts Of D. But i can’t help but worry.


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Re: Post 2nd FMT

Postby okaylo » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:27 pm

You are not alone in this. I too have had two FMTs as my first one failed in June 2016 and then had the second in October 2016... My bowel habits were ALL over the map for a good year following the second FMT. I mean, they really still are unpredictable at times due to IBS but it has all gotten better with time. I promise you, it will.

It's not uncommon to panic every time you have D. It's a natural response given what we have gone through. I suffered for 10 months on antibiotics before my insurance agreed to do an FMT and even then needed a second to get well. It has been a long, long hard road and I still freak out when I have D and my mind automatically goes to that place of worry. I have to reason with myself and be realistic and just keep pushing forward telling myself I dont have cdiff.

What has helped me most is eating BLAND. While boring, it helps immensely as your gut continues to heal. Eating things that are hard to digest or hard on your gut just makes it have to work harder. Also, I would highly recommend going to therapy for PTSD. Cdiff is more than just a physical illness and takes a huge emotional and mental toll long after it is gone. Therapy has helped me so much and while it was hard work getting through it, I am grateful that I pushed myself to go because I have come so far from where I was before. To the point of where I wouldn't even pick something up off the floor worried about spores being on it to now now even thinking twice about picking something up most days.

I know your post is over a month old but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. This site saved me in my darkest hours and I am still friends with many people on here who helped me along the way. Feel free to PM me any time.

Hoping for continued healing and happiness for you!

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Re: Post 2nd FMT

Postby georgina » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:48 am

I too have had my second FMT last summer and it did not go well after it , i struggled with D every single day for the first two weeks after the FMt despite imodium and bland diet , it was bad, tests were negative, but eventually it slowed down and it got better although not normal. I still have IBS that can be pretty bad sometimes but as long as it's not Cdiff i can deal with it.Try not get overwhelmed by anxiety ,going into therapy might be a good idea.

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