Masks or no masks?

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby LHutz » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:26 pm

The biggest problem with masks is that there's no standard for what constitutes a mask. I believe professionally manufactured N95 and even the thinner professional surgical masks do help limit the spread. But most people are using a homemade mask consisting of a piece of fabric held on by a piece of elastic. I think many of those cloth masks provide a false sense of security and are far less effective.

My family and I caught covid even though we had very limited interaction with the public and were always wearing masks and anybody who we came within 20 feet of was masked. And when I say we had limited interaction with the public, I mean we only did home delivery, curbside pick up or drive through for everything. At the time we caught COVID we hadn't even been inside of a building other then our home since the outbreak.

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby beth22 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:55 am

Some studies have found that if both people who interact wear a mask, it does help. Also, I wondered about the cloth masks that are 3 ply with the elastic, but I read that they actually do protect better than I thought. Bandanas don't do much at all though and cloth mask with fewer than 3 layers also don't help much. I got some of the 3 ply online and wear them when I am out, but when I go to a medical facility I wear the surgical mask. The last time I wore two surgical masks, one on top of the other. My doctor and nurse had surgical masks with a shield as well. But, I live in CA and we are not doing well at all here the past few weeks.

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby AllisS » Sat Jan 30, 2021 1:41 am

@LHutz, that's quite concerning that you and your family contracted COVID despite all of the precautions that you took. I find it frustrating that the public-health experts, both on television and in print media, consistently leave important questions unaddressed, such as how one might become infected even when having been very cautious. Instead, they rehash the same information over and over. I hope you've all fully recovered (or close to it).

Regarding masks, per recent public-health advisories, I've started to "double mask" when going inside stores and the like. I wear a surgical-type mask as the inner layer and a cloth mask on top of that. I've also read/heard that eye protection may be a good idea, though I've found that eyeglasses fog up if worn in conjunction with masks. Perhaps one of those plastic shields on top of the masks would avoid the fogging. Also, the cone-shaped K95 masks with the wire nose piece seem not to fog up eyeglasses.
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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby D1dad » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:21 pm

My aunt passed away yesterday morning. She was a breast cancer survivor years ago and took every precaution you could possibly take and still got it. She cancelled all holidays and basically cut herself off from the outside world minus food deliveries and pickup. The covid turned into pneumonia and she was hospitalized dec 13th and there was nothing more they could do. My sister also got it (mild case) and never left her house. Both live in homes so it can’t even be tracked to poor ventilation from a complex of sorts. I’ve traveled for work from LA to Philly several times and can’t believe I haven’t got it. Although I swear I had it January of 2020 but can’t say for sure.

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby Ali-Mar » Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:22 pm

Sorry for your loss D1dadd, may she Rest In Peace
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