Masks or no masks?

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby LHutz » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:26 pm

The biggest problem with masks is that there's no standard for what constitutes a mask. I believe professionally manufactured N95 and even the thinner professional surgical masks do help limit the spread. But most people are using a homemade mask consisting of a piece of fabric held on by a piece of elastic. I think many of those cloth masks provide a false sense of security and are far less effective.

My family and I caught covid even though we had very limited interaction with the public and were always wearing masks and anybody who we came within 20 feet of was masked. And when I say we had limited interaction with the public, I mean we only did home delivery, curbside pick up or drive through for everything. At the time we caught COVID we hadn't even been inside of a building other then our home since the outbreak.

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Re: Masks or no masks?

Postby beth22 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:55 am

Some studies have found that if both people who interact wear a mask, it does help. Also, I wondered about the cloth masks that are 3 ply with the elastic, but I read that they actually do protect better than I thought. Bandanas don't do much at all though and cloth mask with fewer than 3 layers also don't help much. I got some of the 3 ply online and wear them when I am out, but when I go to a medical facility I wear the surgical mask. The last time I wore two surgical masks, one on top of the other. My doctor and nurse had surgical masks with a shield as well. But, I live in CA and we are not doing well at all here the past few weeks.

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