C Diff free with guidance of naturopath

We spend a lot of time talking about the bad news in this discussion group - here's the spot for the good news. If you've had c-diff and are now well, please tell us about it here.
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C Diff free with guidance of naturopath

Postby Jules809 » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:36 am

This my first post. I am a 37F and during my days of suffering I was a long time lurker but always promised myself I would come back here and tell my story, once I felt it would have a happy ending.

I’m not here to tell anyone to do what I did, but maybe someone can get an idea or different approach for their health. C diff is a terrible disease and it left me with anxiety long after I started to heal and the idea of retelling my story was triggering. This page was an absolute God send and I want to give my heart-felt thank you to the moderators. I hope someone reading this can find hope in their situation. Because you WILL beat this disease.

I had been having health problems for a couple years, little things that drove me to the Doctor but no actual findings. I was dizzy and foggy brained sometimes, had acid reflux, bruising, food sensitivities that caused frequent diarrhea, dull abdominal pain. I could go on, but I know now that it was a parasite infection (blastocystis hominis) causing extreme nutrient deficiencies. I eventually developed anxiety, insomnia and an intense case of gastritis. After a physical found nothing the doctor referred me to a GI and also suggested a naturopath in the area. My stomach hurt so bad all the time I was desperate.

I started by seeing the G.I. Doctor who spent very little time with me, provided little insight and handed me a sample of a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) called Dexelent. He told me to take that for two weeks and to come back and see him. I visited the naturopath after that with the “why not” attitude and this doctor started by doing extensive bloodwork, hormone testing and a GI map. These test results would take 2 months so I just forgot about it and kept up with the PPI, Dexelent.

After 13 days of taking the PPI the bottom fell out. Literally. I started having explosive diarrhea 10-12x day and felt feverish. After 24 hours feeling like death I finally called the GI who instructed me to stop and said the diarrhea was a side effect of PPIs. After 4 days of the same the nurse at the GI told me to take Imodium and said when the pill was completely out of my system it would go away. I talked to my Mom after a week of suffering and she told me to get off Imodium and to get a c diff test ASAP. Apparently, my Mom had C Diff in 2000 and all this sounded very familiar. The GI ordered the test and the receptionist of all people told me the results, which was that I was C Diff free. It made no sense! I demanded to speak with the nurse and she had no answers why this PPI had caused this. “Maybe IBS?” was her answer. After these results I figured it was just some bug and this would go away. Crazy, I know. I went to that beach with my family (and my Imodium) for the 4th if July and shared bathrooms with everyone. I was miserable but put on the face for my kids. We left early and on July 5th the naturopath called with the test results and that not only did I have C Diff, and had it all while taking the PPI and probably a carrier long before, but also had a parasite infection causing extreme nutrient deficiencies. I was so sick.

This wonderful man, who did go to med school but specialized in functional medicine helped me so much. I took a 10 day course of Alinia and LOTS of S Boulardii. I have done plenty of reading in here and know many feel strongly that Alinia is not a treatment for C Diff, but I am here to say that worked for me. I did not take any antibiotic for c diff or the parasite. Now, for 6 months after Alinia I did do an intensive gut cleanse with homeopathic remedies including medicinal mushrooms and herbs and this doctor guided me the whole way. We did test about 7 months out to make sure the parasite was eradicated and the test also showed I was c diff FREE.

Now, this wasn’t an easy way by any means. I had IBS-flare ups constantly. I even had moments where I thought seeing a naturopath was CRAZY and I should have done this the conventional way, but I am so glad God led me to Functional Medicine. It was a good solid year of working with him before I could say it is more normal to NOT have diarrhea anymore. I still am gluten, dairy and soy free and we spend a pretty penny on preservative-free and organic food, but my whole family is healthier. I still will never know how I got that damn parasite but I am grateful to have walked this path and that I know a healthier way to live. I now get to enjoy wine and coffee again, but never on an empty stomach. That does cause an IBS flare up still.

I did have a scare before my clean c diff test and it absolutely stirred my anxiety. I had a UTI and had to take a 3 day course of antibiotics. It was horrible and I cried so hard and prayed harder. I can’t remember what I took now but it started with a B. But I was okay!

Things that helped with my anxiety: CBD oil, Magnesium (but be very careful about the type because it can cause diarrhea) my naturopath helped me find the right one, essential oils and Ignatia Amara. (This can be found at your local health food store, read the Amazon reviews)

I would not recommend ignoring your GI and starting fresh if you are being treated, but consider functional medicine or seeing a naturopath to help guide you after your treatment. He helped me tremendously with my gut healing and chances are there is someone in your area that might be able to help speed up your gut healing.

Good luck to all of you. Pray. And don’t lose hope if you are suffering. You will get better!

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Re: C Diff free with guidance of naturopath

Postby NanciT » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:20 pm

It's always great to hear people over come these infections and are well once again. As you know on this site, there can be many roads to that.
Finding a doctor that works for you is a big part of the battle, we have had several on the site who have gone to naturopaths.

One thing you mention is that you did have a parasite and the Alinia worked for you, it is specifically for parasites so it sounds like it did the job. We have also had posters who have tried it after several medications for CDIFF.

Wishing you continued wellness!


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