10 months since relapse

We spend a lot of time talking about the bad news in this discussion group - here's the spot for the good news. If you've had c-diff and are now well, please tell us about it here.
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10 months since relapse

Postby Benh » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:27 pm

So I have been waiting to post and was going to wait until I hit the one year mark to be sure I am clear but thought I would share my story in the spirit of the holidays and the hope that it may help some that are still dealing with this horrible disease. I got c diff after taking a 2-3 week course of augmentin for a sinus infection and then subsequently visiting my father in the hospital over a few weeks. When the er dr said c diff was confirmed I was in complete shock. It had been well over one month since I stopped the augmentin and I hadn't visited my dad in the hospital in over a week. They prescribed Flagyl but after 5 days I switched to vancomycin because of dizziness and other cognitive type issues. I finished a 10 day vancomycin cycle after the initial 5 days of Flagyl. I felt decent and the main symptoms were gone. Well, within 5 days, I had a violent relapse, much worse in terms of the fever and other symptoms. I started vancomycin again and my general dr said let's try 2 weeks. I wasn't happy with that and I researched here and met with an infectious disease dr and then a gi and they both agreed that a longer term taper was in order. I did 4x a day for 4 weeks, 3x a day for 3 weeks, 2x day for 2 weeks, 1x a day for 2 weeks, every other day for 8 doses and then every three days for 8 doses. It took a while, with my last pill taken on July 4th. I also was taking 2 florastor a day and drinking about 16 oz of kefir a day. I am still doing the kefir and the florastor now and likely will for some time. I have had many a day when I think it is back with going to the bathroom a lot and nausea but I have learned that I need to temper my food volume and stay away from any junk food. My diet has always been bland but I do like cookies and such. I have yet to have any dairy but plan to introduce it slowly soon. I haven't gained any of my weight back yet, having lost about 15% of my body weight. I also continue to have gastritis and have been trying to manage with my diet. I have recently had a endoscopy and colonscopy (done due to inability to gain weight) and all looks good except the gastritis. The dr thinks the gastritis is stress induced. In sum, I continue to struggle with the gastristis and bad days as well as the emotional impacts but I can say that the long term taper as well as the florastor and kefir seemed to work very well for me. This site was a godsend for me between the support and the information. Thank you all! I wish those that are still going through this all the best and try to stay positive and realize this will get better.

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