Since c-diff is a disease of the "lower half", so to speak, we find that many of our members cannot refrain from discussing what comes out the bottom end. If you must do it, please do it here.
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Postby roy » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:50 pm

If it's black or bloody there's a problem that might be c.diff related.
Anything else from yellow to brown is totally normal.
Even white is not unheard of but it's best to get that checked out as it indicates a possible gallbladder problem.
It's not c.diff, it's your gut saying it not well the same as any other gut upset causes.
Please don't ask about color, that solid turd is normal!

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Postby Brane S » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:20 am

That is true but color is an important indicator on what is wrong. Yellow firm stool that persists for a long time is an indicator that something is wrong. Even if the stool is firm, yellow color can mean a lot of things. Here is an example, i had yellow stool after the c.diff about 2 months. Firm yellow stool and i have visited every doctor there is here and they all said that is normal. I had my stomach made weird noises those 2 months after every meal and an sensation like I need to go but i never used the bathroom in those moments. After i mixed couple of probiotics and took yogurt (actually it was sour cream) with live cultures, my stool turned brown in about 4 day period. This can only be explained as c.diff and antibiotic killing the good bacteria in the colon and those that ware left did not process the food well enough. I know it all depends on what we eat if you are a healthy person but i have tried everything those 2 months and it was yellow, once in 2 day period i was eating only pork, olives (black) and beet. My stool was yello with small lines of dark (those ware the non digested olives). So i would say poop has very to do with your overall intestinal health.

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Postby Bing » Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:53 pm

I am so glad to,finally be on this forum. I have had C Diff forva year and 5 months, just like most of you, severe D so bad I,had to throw my,clothes out twice. After 10'days at,home,,I was admitted to,hospital, worse,hospital stay ever. Sent home after a week, several,rounds of vanco, 3 relapses. Lost 40 pounds and I am 72F. I have aged 10 years but I,try to,be positive. I,am not in hospital, still alive and still have colon! Asked for FMT many times, got pat on shoulder, from 3 different doctors, like you,don't really need that dear. After.being on vanco all this time with a sadistic doctor who,actually yelled at me when I could not go,from every 8'hours to,6, she finally suggested an FMT after telling me that one of her patients was now dying of CDiff. I,got,very upset and said, "Don't ever tell me that. I know people die of CDiff, but do not tell me." Then I went home in a deep,depression thinking, I am going to die.....But, I,have a great psychiatrist who,said I,should have called him and I,now have a wonderful,therapist. I,have been on antidepressants for a long time and it,helps. On Oct. 9th I had an FMT, the pills. They,are 30 large poop pills you,have to,swallow,in 90 minutes but I did it,in an hour. Not,hard. They.are oderless and tasteless. My,other, new, doctor said I would still have diarrhea for,about a,week. At first, like others I,have read, my poop was a different color and smell. I didn't know if that.was from the donor. Past 3 days I,am relatively normal but Exhausted. I keep,going back to bed. Sometimes I,am still,afraid I,will,die but I,read a lot online about people my age and older who,have beat it. My best,friend does not want me to,hug her or,give her a kiss on the cheek and the shrink did not,me to,hug him either but my new therapist did. One day at a time is all we can do. I,will repeat the poop,pills as often as I.have to.

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Postby beth22 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:54 pm

Hello Bing and welcome to the site. Please read the first thread for information for new posters. I am glad that you finally got a treatment that helped you. I was on vanco endlessly as well and it did not cure me. FMT is what finally helped me and I hope it does the same for you. Keep us posted on how you do. It is normal to feel very tired and fatigued after c difficile. It is a major infection and I think all the vanco I was on was part of the reason for my fatigue.

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Postby Bobbie » Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:03 pm

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