Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Since c-diff is a disease of the "lower half", so to speak, we find that many of our members cannot refrain from discussing what comes out the bottom end. If you must do it, please do it here.
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Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Postby dignan » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:25 pm

Hey all,

I understand every case is different, but what this forum has been great for(at least in my experience) is finding others who have similar situations so it doesn't feel like I'm crazy. It helps lower my anxiety. Obviously I don't expect people to agree with me just for the sake of it, but nobody has to explain that part. :)

My C diff has been with me since last November or so. I just dealt with the pain, bloating, stink, gas and all that. I've changed my diet, and many of the symptoms have gone away. Gas and mucus still linger so that can make me go to the bathroom 2-3x extra.

The good news is I am relatively regular in the mornings, actually solid BM's, or a varying degree of solid.

The bummer is I usually wake up in the morning and have to pas a gas/mucus combo which I guess would classify as diarrhea. Next will be a BM within an hour. Then another 1 or 2 BM's in the next 3 hours.

I am always ecstatic that it isn't just gas or mucus, but am wondering if anyone is having such a schedule as they are getting better and if it might be permanent?

Also...dosing myself with high level of probiotics(200 bill per day) and S. boulardii has made quite a difference.

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Re: Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Postby NanciT » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:57 pm

I always recommend people are followed by a GI and you go over your Post CDIFF symptoms with them. There are medications that can help and you always want to rule other things out and know what you are dealing with.

I am 3 years out and still taking Levsin on and off, still having D or IBS but to me at this point and also after referring all of this to my GI, it's my "new normal".

Everyone is different as you mentioned but I also like to make sure after symptoms persist you have been checked out. You may want to call your GI and ask about medications that can really help


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Re: Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Postby Ril » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:03 pm

Sometimes probiotics are too much but you have to be the judge of that. You will know if they have improved your situation.

PI IBS is unfortunately very common. Many of us have suffered with it for varying lengths of time. I had it for many years and took several different medications over time to help me cope because of the severity and the disruption to my life. Some of he medications are cholestyramine, Enteragam and finally xifaxan as well as some antispasmodics. You should discuss your symptoms with your dr and explain the degree to which they disrupt your life, and come up with a plan together of what would work best for you.


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Re: Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Postby Zapper » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:02 pm

I am 4 months post FMT and cdiff and still have bad mornings. My issues are all PI-IBS and I see my GI regularly. The 1st 3 months my IBS was worst in the morning. Especially after eating non bland foods.
A food journal helps me track if I have any issues/when I need to have my last meal etc etc.
I also agree that you should check in with you GI.

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Re: Going to the bathroom 3-4x in the morning?

Postby Lisa33 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:03 am

I had c-diff back in Sept 2014. In early recovery, I also had bad mornings. I would wake up very early in the morning with the urge to go. I would go anywhere from 2-4 times, mostly loose to D. However, the rest of my day would be fine. I had terrible nausea in the morning as well. I believe this is post-infectious IBS. With time, things did get better. I would say it took me about 8 months until things got to some sort of normalcy. However, I still have bouts of IBS from time to time, which I never had prior to c-diff.


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