CDC and Antibiotivd

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CDC and Antibiotivd

Postby Bobbie » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:34 am

Call for Antibiotic Resistance Proposals
CDC is looking for new ways to identify and evaluate strategies to combat antibiotic resistance (AR). One of the ways CDC does this work is through a Broad Agency Announcement, which was recently released for Fiscal Year 2018. Interested applicants should visit the full web announcement (solicitation number FY2018-OADS-BAA).

CDC collaborates with multiple researchers to improve our understanding of AR in healthcare facilities, in the food supply, across communities, and in the environment (surface water and soil) to determine the potential impact on human health and identify ways to protect human health. The topics change year to year based on scientific needs. Researchers are expected to write their own statement of work in order to be considered for funding.

Funding will be determined through a competitive selection process, based on funds available and the following 6 categories with 35 topics focused on AR:

New diagnostic, sequencing, and metagenomic tools for AR detection and improved antibiotic use
International transmission, colonization, and prevention of AR pathogens
Domestic transmission, colonization, and prevention of AR pathogens and C. difficile infections
Develop human microbiome disruption indices relevant to AR
Resistant pathogens and genes in water systems and the environment and their contribution to human infections
Improving antibiotic stewardship

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