Avoiding abx- puncture wounds

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Avoiding abx- puncture wounds

Postby Zapper » Wed May 29, 2019 12:33 pm

I am 2 years cdiff free. Had cdiff for 18 months- dx Nov 2015 and cured by 2 fmts in May 2017. I have avoided abx thus far.

This weekend I stepped on a rather large sharp metal piece at the beach. The object was metal, rusted, and slimy as the tide was low and most likely had not been seen in a long time. I went immediately to urgent care and got a tetanus shot and the wound was cleaned and bandaged- but they were very pushy about abx and that people lose their feet/legs etc for not taking proper treatment. I told them the cdiff history and as usual they didnt seem to care and said I could take vanco along with cipro (cipro is what gave me cdiff and i failed vanco countless times).
It has been 3 days and the wound has closed up, red, but not swollen or showing signs of infection. I can walk on it which I figure is a good sign.

Now I also have immunodeficiencies and have a "low immunity" to most diseases like measles, pneumonia, etc. So obviously, I am worried about the tetanus shot and if my body was able to build the titers/immunity.

I am looking for peace of mind... anyone out there deal with anything remotely similar and ended up OK? I hate signing the waivers that I am declining medical treatment- but I am also not about to take abx for no reason.

Would love some advice if this was you.... Thank you everyone!

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Re: Avoiding abx- puncture wounds

Postby roy » Wed May 29, 2019 1:07 pm

If its healing nicely you have probably made a good decision!

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Re: Avoiding abx- puncture wounds

Postby Ril » Thu May 30, 2019 9:49 pm

I assume they irrigated it and treated it with a topical antibiotic? And it looks good now?
Just keep watching it for redness and heat and if you get concerned see your PCP. It sounds as though it is fine. They have to cover themselves. Not all wounds cause systemic infections. Tetanus was the risk. Of course, this is my opinion but I would have done what you did.

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