Recovering well? What do you eat?

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Recovering well? What do you eat?

Postby kombucha » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:31 am

9 months ago when I got c-diff, I ate foods that my acupuncturist prescribed for me. I've always been terrible at keeping a diet, but I understood that I had to give it a try because I couldn't eat anything, everything made me sick. So she started me on butternut squash, kefir, sauerkraut, and bone broth. I couldn't really handle dairy, but she said a tablespoon 3x a day, and then up the amount slowly until I could tolerate it, I did just that, and I did get to a point where I eat bigger portions, same with sauerkraut, just a tablespoon or 2 a day. Bone broth everyday as well. It helped me recover my ability to eat again, and eventually get to a place where I was able to eat anything, as long as my portions were small. Right now, I'm dealing with this again, but I have to say I really strayed faraway from the healthy eating in the last months, throwing out all the nutritional habits I had kept for a few months. Now I'm going to try again, and hoping to be inspired by anyone who wants to share answers to any of these questions.

What foods do you love eating, that agree with you?
What foods do you think have been healing to you?
Any cool substitutes? Like if gluten now bothers you, do you now make your pizza crust with something other than flour?

And this is a burning question of mine, if coffee bothered you during c-diff or after it (I couldn't drink it for about 2 months afterwards), how long was it before you went back to it without irritation? I'm hoping for me it's way less than 2 months.


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Re: Recovering well? What do you eat?

Postby MKW » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:25 pm

Hi Kombucha, my GI specialist who runs an FMT clinic at UVA recommended low sugar/no high fructose corn syrup ever, and 70% fruit/vegetable diet for me following my procedure and indefinitely. Everyone stays so focused on intaking probiotics to prevent relapse, but it is also just as important to feed your good bacteria with prebiotic foods. High sugar is evidently a GI irritant, and bad bacteria love sugar. I am a fan of kefir and have drank Lifeway kefir throughout my entire ordeal. And I now drink black coffee which I never thought I'd be able to do! As far as coffee, I would give it a few weeks after treatment and then start with a half a cup and see how you do. I don't think it will make or break your recovery. But any known "irritant" could make you more prone to relapse. Asparagus is considered a prebiotic food, and oddly has not caused me an issue at any point, even though I think everything else green has. Diet plays a huge part in your microbiome makeup. You can research that and find studies about the different microbial makeup of people with different dietary habits. Someday... they will be able to measure our microbial makeup and give us pills with appropriate probiotic therapy! Someday. Right now it would be nice for an affordable narrow spectrum antibiotic that is first line treatment. And we are likely still years away from that. Hope you are feeling well and your current treatment is successful! keep us posted on how you are doing :-) - Melanie

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Re: Recovering well? What do you eat?

Postby CTK » Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:31 am

I have a question about the Lifeway Kefir cultured low fat Strawberry smoothie OK? I see it has added sugars. Or is their a better plain version? Thanks

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Re: Recovering well? What do you eat?

Postby roy » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:07 am

Check if it has live cultures stated on the lable. Best of all is order kefir grains online and make your own.
It's a lot cheaper, you know it's active and you can keep on making it forever using whatever base liquid you chose.
Google kefir grains.

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