RNs/Healthcare providers w/ c diff

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Re: RNs/Healthcare providers w/ c diff

Postby notheidi » Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:52 am

Ril wrote:
> You can try but I can only tell you that in my former position, Human
> Resources would have contacted me and the agreed upon answer from both
> would have been no because appropriate precautions can and should be taken
> to avoid infection.

I agree with you, but drat those HR Reps! Their job is always to work for the employer and not the employee. : - \

The employee can take all the precautions they want, but many who haven't had it are lazy with infection control and end up spreading it beyond the patient's room.

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Re: RNs/Healthcare providers w/ c diff

Postby 2MG » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:18 pm

I found the right group of folks here!

I am a 50 y/o F, working as a Labor and Delivery RN, s/p presumptive tx of C. Diff without definite testing, now having sx again with + toxins in stool samples, and starting round 2 of Flagyl.

So......I guess my big question is: when I am no longer considered "contagious" and can go back to work? I ask because I am confused about how the on-call Infection Control person answered my charge nurse about whether or not I needed to leave work after my doctor called yesterday (while I was at work) and gave me the results.

When we asked her, she said that as long as I was feeling well, then I could stay at work as long as I used good hand hygiene. I did not speak to her directly, so I was unable to clarify what she meant by "feeling well". During my first bout, I emailed someone else in the IC department that I had worked with on another issue, asking her if there was a specific policy about that. She said that as long my symptoms were resolved, I could come back to work (with MD note per facility policy), but to let her know what the actual test results were. (The first bout tests were negative.) She did say that they have specific policies, but not give me particulars at that time. While still at work yesterday, I tried to search for policies covering this, and the only policy I found pertained to patients, not employees.

Do any of you have information about this? I have had very little luck trying to get guidance on this.

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Re: RNs/Healthcare providers w/ c diff

Postby Ril » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:07 pm

Hello 2MG and welcome to the site. Please read the first thread on rules for new posters.
I noticed that you posted a similar question in another place. We ask that you please not do that as it makes it difficult for us to give you good and accurate feedback as we have to go back and forth and can’t follow what has been said. That is for your benefit as well. I am a bit confused as here you said that your test was negative. I don’t know if you had a PCR test done or if it was handled properly or why if negative, you were treated anyway.

I will answer more on your other posting. Hopefully the thread will be continued there.

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Re: RNs/Healthcare providers w/ c diff

Postby 2MG » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:16 pm

I did read the new poster rules thread, and maybe I misunderstood them. Guess I will re-read them. In the meantime, I will continue browsing the forum- there is so much here! There must be tons of good ideas and suggestions here.

I'll keep an eye out on the other thread, too.

Thanks for letting me know.

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