has anyone gotten approved for FMLA due to C Diff?

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has anyone gotten approved for FMLA due to C Diff?

Postby MKW » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:22 pm

I am wondering if anyone has had their doctor be willing to fill out FMLA paperwork for them for recurrent CDI. I had submitted a claim, and in the end it was not approved because my GI specialist was not willing to answer the question about expected absences in "enough" detail.
I am so frustrated, and on top of all I have had to go through with recurrent C Diff and sickness and medical care... I just want to protect my job if I can.
I am now seeing a new doctor and plan to try again with this one, but haven't asked about it yet.
If anyone had been successful with a claim, please let me know what your doctor stated as far as expected absences, or any tips on how you got the claim to be approved would be most helpful.

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