IgA Levels

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IgA Levels

Postby healthys » Wed Dec 30, 2020 7:35 pm

Hello Everyone!

I thought I will post this question to all the awesome folks here. I am recovering from C-Diff and currently 9 weeks post vanco. I have 2-3 BMs a day, mostly 2 and they tend to be on the loose side with foam afterwards ( which I have been told is mucous ). So I think the IBS is going on for now.

I had an unrelated question - around the time I was getting diagnosed for appendicitis which is what lead to c -diff later, my PCP had tested my IgA and IgM levels. IgM was fine but IgA showed to be a little elevated at 412 - the range is 80-400 mg/dl. Could it have been due to the perforated appendix which was not diagnosed at that point?

I was hoping someone here who has experience with testing these could share some insights, any insights! I am also going to ask my doc about this but they seem to be out for holidays so thought will check on this forum as well!

Thank you so much!!

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