Impact on life

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Impact on life

Postby Lkfetner » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:09 am

Hi, I was wondering how many out there have been laid off, fired or forced to quit a job because of c.diff? How has it impacted your activities and daily life. The constant D has made me practically housebound. I never stray far from home i won't use a public facility unless I have no choice, and even then I clean the seat first even if I don't touch it. I was let go from my job because I either was unable to come in to work or if I was there my job performance was negligent. I have since started my own business. I am fortunate enough to have a husband with a good job and good benefits. I was wondering how some of you have managed a job and the issues associated with C.diff.

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Re: Impact on life

Postby NanciT » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:17 am

This is a tough question because CDIFF can affect people differently and last longer for some than others. We have had several threads on jobs but it does come down to each individual.

It can have a huge impact on life itself. Some will take their medication and are fortunate after one round to move on. I am certain with the various strains of CDIFF some are far more difficult to beat than other's.

My own personal experience has been a long journey with 5 relapses over 1 year, but recovery for me was difficult due to abdominal pain, and difficulty eating. I kept my job, with no help from my employer and a lack of understanding of what I was going through.
Everyone is different on the site, some go off work for awhile. I did not have alot of D, I had alot of abdominal pain after being on Dificid for months. I needed to keep my job but it was very difficult and I look back and wonder how I pushed through it.

We still have physicians out there who say take your medication and you will be fine....that is true in some cases but not all and certainly not mine. I cancelled a trip several years in a row and finally went this last June. I was diagnosed in 4/2014 but was on medication tapers for a long time.
I also was left with other health issues but have worked through them. The answers here may be all over the place.....just like recovery is from CDIFF.

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Re: Impact on life

Postby georgina » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:44 am

It definitely changed my life and not in a good way . I am a nurse , i've worked in direct patient care first in ICU and after that in surgery , i was happy , healthy and full of energy and loved my job . After Cdiff i was moved in a doctors office where i can no longer do all work i enjoyed doing , i am doing more of a desk type of job here and that is frustrating for me because that was never what i wanted. I had to do many changes in my lifestyle , got isolated , lost some friends because i wasn't able to go out or give them the attention i was used to give before. Don't even get me stated on the food changes or the Imodium i have to take on some really bad days so i can be able to work without running to the loo or the treatments for anxiety and depression that i need to control the psychological damage that stared with Cdiff. Cdiff is the "gift that keeps on giving"!

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Re: Impact on life

Postby beth22 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:25 am

My life has never been the same either. I still can't eat things that I used to be able to eat. I have bad days too. It is hard to socialize when most social events center around food - either going out to dinner, parties, etc. Especially hard when you go to someone's house for dinner. I am a teacher and it was hard when I was treating because I can't just leave my classroom to use a bathroom. I just take one day at a time and in the early years, one hour at a time. It does get better though, so hang in there.

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Re: Impact on life

Postby justme » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:39 pm

My experience living with IBS (which is often the aftermath of C. Diff) practically mirrors Beth's. However, I had just retired when I got C. Diff, so working has not been an issue (thankfully). I have become very careful with my diet and record everything I eat so I can gauge what bothers me if I have a reaction (I'm very anal retentive - no pun intended). I miss spicy Mexican food the most (and salads). It gets easier as time passes, but it is a slow process.

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Re: Impact on life

Postby Messydre » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:36 am

I am a stay at home mom, but while I was sick I lost a lot of weight and was so miserable. I'm only about one month out from my second round of meds so I am not in the clear just yet and that alone causes me so much anxiety and depression. Food is depressing. I eat because I have to. I live in fear, every pain, every rumble, causes me anxiety. It's awful. The fear that my family might get it is awful. No one understands why it's affecting me so much but it's so scary, especially with kids around. I'm so thankful I don't work because I don't know how I'd handle it. My life will never be the same. My relationship with food will never be the same. I hope I don't get sick again, take care of myself, and try to stay afloat is all I can do for now.

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