Paranoia Over Spreading My C Diff

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Paranoia Over Spreading My C Diff

Postby BF11 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:16 pm

Hi guys,
So for a bit of background on me and c diff. About two years ago, I got very sick with a virus that progressed into bronchitis. I was given an antibiotic and after my antibiotic use I developed weight loss issues and began using the bathroom a lot more. After two years of suffering with this, I finally went to a gastroenterologist and upon testing I was diagnosed with C diff. I took vancomycin and after was deemed clinically cured.
I feel like although C diff has of course been a physical battle, it has now turned into a nightmarish loop of mental anxiety. I know C diff is contagious, and I read online once that even cured I am still a carrier for spores. Even though I have been deemed cured, I can’t get over the idea that I am still a carrier and may spread it to the people I live with. After I use the bathroom I wash my hands, but I am scared to even touch something. I use Lysol far more than I should and I don’t even know if that kills C diff bacteria.
Ultimately, C diff has been causing me a lot of anxiety and I am absolutely paranoid that I could potentially spread it to the ones I love. I wanted to talk to people who have gone through this as well, and hopefully get some assurance so I can start to feel like I have my life back again.

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Re: Paranoia Over Spreading My C Diff

Postby AllisS » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:03 am

Anxiety about transmitting C. diff or having a recurrence is more common than not among those of us who have had it. That said, you can stop worrying about giving C. diff to others due to being a "spore carrier." The only route of transmission is fecal-to-oral, e.g., if someone touches their mouth or nose after having contact with a C. diff-contaminated surface, and even then, generally, people won't contract C. diff unless they're susceptible from having taken an antibiotic (though there are exceptions). The spores are present in the environment all of the time but are generally harmless. You're on the right track with hand-washing; it's a good idea to make it a habit not only after bathroom use but also prior to preparing/eating food or upon returning home. Lysol will not kill C. diff; only bleach will do that. There's no reason to be applying either Lysol or bleach on a regular basis when you're no longer ill; try and break yourself of that habit, since these are strong chemicals and the least exposure to them the better.
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Re: Paranoia Over Spreading My C Diff

Postby roy » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:11 am

What about the other 500-2000 types of bacteria that you carry?
Are you worried about spreading those as well?
Every single one of them IS contagious!
And that's all normal!
Just because ONE of them has been given a name makes no differance to you being normal!

What about the four out of five babies, the one in twenty adults, the one in five hospital patients, the one in four pairs of shoes (and doorsteps) that all carry c.diff!
Not to mention the horrendous amount of bacteria on the money in your purse!
It's no big deal in normal life, it's a normal common bacteria that is only a problem if it overgrows and causes classic symptoms.

It's highly likely that c.diff was the RESULT of your gut problems, NOT the cause of it!
The few symptoms you describe are not those of c.diff colitis.
Detecting c.diff when you dont have colitis is not a disease, it's just another form of normal gut bacteria.

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