Blower Test Inside Home

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Blower Test Inside Home

Postby j89 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 7:52 pm


I had C Diff a few years back but also have OCD (way worse after the diff) and now suffer from PTSD as a result. Became septic and almost died in my mid 20s from this nasty disease. I just moved into a new home as a renter. Few months in, the construction company wants to perform a blower test. I am freaking out as this will mean people will be traversing and touching everything in my home including my bathroom. I use a separate bathroom following c diff just to be sure no one else in my home becomes affected and also to limit the amount of bleach I was using; I would have to clean if anyone else enters (OCD). I am worried that the spores in my bathroom will travel throughout the house due to the nature of the test. We have been trying to keep the construction company at bay, since we need landlord approval (the company also appears sketchy and have caught the main person we are dealing with in a couple of lies). Am I being irrational? I also had recent stomach issues following the move (i.e. cramps, diarrhea, drastic change of color, etc.) but it has gotten better over the month. My biggest fear are the spores right now. I have a test scheduled for next week, but not sure if the test may be happening before then. I tried to test sooner, but I got sick with Covid-like symptoms and had a lot of issues at work. The mental toll this disease has taken on me is unreal.

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Re: Blower Test Inside Home

Postby beth22 » Tue Jun 07, 2022 1:09 am

Hello j89 and welcome to the site. You can find more information for new posters in the first forum.

I have never heard of anything like a blower test causing c difficile, but I am not very familiar with those tests. If you are anxious, I would suggest you contact an infectious disease doctor and ask. If you don't have one, then ask a GI. I would be more worried about people coming into my house and bringing in Covid.

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Re: Blower Test Inside Home

Postby GtrGrl » Tue Jun 07, 2022 6:26 am

I too have OCD which is much worse since C Diff (mainly the Spore Fear) and have PTSD from the whole thing; I really feel for you that things have got to this level and are causing you such mental distress, and now you're facing this triggering situation.

I think Beth is absolutely right. Covid is more of a risk here. If they aren't already, I would insist that any workers wear a mask whilst inside your home. You could also provide gloves. It's about how you ask them. I just explain that I'm not a very well person, and would they mind just popping them on for my protection? They can't really say no if you're nice about it!

I have read time and again about people getting stomach issues with Covid, so that seems the likely cause but I don't blame you at all for getting a test.

As for the spores, an ID doc told me hands are the main method of transference, so as long as you're washing them thoroughly and ALWAYS put the toilet lid down when flushing, the risk of spread should be minimal. Your use of bleach will also combat them. If your test is negative (likely, since you haven't mentioned taking antibiotics recently) then you haven't had active C Diff for years -- so from one sufferer to another, I think this is mainly the OCD talking rather than a likely scenario. (Have you tried getting help for that? It sounds pretty intense and perhaps if you could slice even 20% off it, daily life would be a little easier. It's exhausting!)
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